Absolutely Nothing

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I don't believe that life should be so absolute. It is too concrete, everything is said with a false sense of certainty. We either are or we aren't something, but what is forgotten in the footnotes is everything true, honest, and human. We are not loyal if once we were disloyal. We are not honest if we once told a lie. We are not committed if we once took a break. To consider yourself absolutely anything would be to discredit what you actually are, a gross oversimplification and neglect of the moments that matter. To me, this is a dangerous and paralyzing mindset that gives the past control over your future. Rarely is anything ever always something. You can always be more or less but rarely can you ever be completely. We are humans, not definitions. 

If my day was filled with the bad and the good which do I say it was? There is too much complexion in life for simple summaries. I hate the idea of convenient adjectives being placed after my name. Before I would ever consider myself absolutely anything, I would find much more comfort in the idea of me being absolutely nothing, forever. 

Ryan Anthony Dube