My Yacht Week Movie


Life is a balance of storyliving and storytelling, creating moments and then capturing them, searching for and sharing memories. Sometimes you need to live a great story in order to tell a great story, and when I found myself sailing around the Croatian coast filming a movie on a yacht I knew I had been handed my great story, and now is the time to tell it. 

After almost a year of rest I woke up my passport and caught a redeye flight from NYC to Split, and met up with the social media manager of The Yacht Week, my good friend, Rob Berry. He introduced me to my Swedish film crew with whom I would be working with to shoot a 90-second commercial; our job was to capture fantasy and prove that it could be a reality. We were an assembled team of creatives: filmmakers, photographers, content creators, all brought together on a 57 foot boat to bring visions to life. 

To sell the dream we had to live the dream, and so our days were spent sailing in the sun, hopping from island to island, exploring white walled port towns, riding scooters through the mountains, tanning by the mast and floating in the sea to cool off. Our nights were spent in good conversation, laughing over candlelit dinners, absorbing the ambiences of hidden paradises, engaging in philosophical stargazed conversation, or, on our more vigorous evenings, we would venture to private parties for music and drinks. It seemed that we had the perfect story to tell, but what would be the perfect way to tell it? What exactly was our story really about?

The views? The paintings that we were sailing through? No, those were all too perfect. The parties? The dancing on tables, turning castles into clubs, slow-motion fist bumping, the movement, the tension, the no sleep-spastic energy that kept you going? Hectic, for sure, but that wasn't our purpose.

Then it hit us, it was obvious: the people. Our story is about the people. It is always about the people. Its about the faces that you see that you've never seen before. Its about the laughs that make you laugh, the smiles that make you smile, the eyes that show you their souls, its about becoming a part of new lives and adding to your own. What really matters is escaping with strangers and finding yourself by getting lost. There is nothing more important than being: being crazy, being young, being free, being happy, being you, being there, in that moment, in every moment! Its about holding nothing back and having no regrets, its about living the dream, no, living your dream. It is not the views in front of you it is the people taking pictures beside you that you will remember. Its not the parties its the people who move you, and move with you that are special. The ones who make it real are the proof that these feelings are possible.

So, that is what we did down in Croatia, we turned moments into memories and made a movie out of it. We had the time of our lives to try and inspire the time of your lives, and all you really need is a week, but not just any week, The Yacht Week.  

-Ryan Anthony Dube

(All Photos by Amanda Gylling, Louis Agace, and Ryan Anthony Dube)