Ryan Anthony Dube

Pen + Paper Stories is the creative storytelling brand conceptualized by Ryan Anthony Dube, a 24 year old writer and model from Manchester, CT.  Ryan recognizes the influence that living a great story has on telling a great story, and aspires to be constantly seeking unique experiences in order to share them in an inspired and relatable fashion. His goal as an artist is to capture the micro-moments that comprise the raw human existence, and connect us all by the emotions that live in our memories.  

Perpetually curious about the world around him, Ryan has traveled to over 50 countries and hundreds of cities, recently moving from New York to Los Angeles to be based closer to family. Ryan is passionate about learning and growth as a human being, challenging himself along the entire spectrum of creativity by dabbling in photography, videography, spoken-word poetry, dancing, music, language learning, and travel blogging.

Ryan strives to balance his nomadic lifestyle with productivity and progress. He has ambitions of being a creative director, a novelist, a screenwriter, an actor, a radio personality, and a sports analyst. Ryan plans to be chasing his dreams for his entire life and hopes never to lose his perspective on the beauty of the struggle.