Wander with Elephants


Wander with Elephants


To stay relevant

Or wander with elephants,

Difficult to decide harder to describe with elegance,

Hiding from the lights in the night that guide us

Fighting my shadow to keep quiet

So that they may never find us,

Sleeves short so the scars from our battles remind us,

To breathe deep and smile with ease,

Never forget the thank you’s after the please.

I hope not to lose it,

Hope that is,

Love the words that are spoken

But hate the man that spoke it,

Laughter all around me

But I can never find where the joke is.

Obsessed with possessions,

Possessed by Obsessions,

Expelled by the teachers and reverends

So I could carry the message

I’m learning the lessons.

I wish this train put me to sleep,

Living with less than a lease,

Found my home in the streets,

Finally ended the war with my peace.

So, the only question is do I stay relevant,

Or go and wander with elephants.

-Ryan Anthony Dube

Love Letters


Love Letters

Nobody writes love letters anymore,

Whatever happened to holding hands and opening her door?

There is no more true love at first sight because our first sight led to a like on some site, late on some night that you were feeling some type... of way.

Females have too much patience for infatuation they get complacent tired of chasing their true love..

Honesty is honestly honored uncommonly, lips love laying lies, guaranteed he'll notice your hips, hair, nails, and thighs; quite the anomaly it would be, a flaw in his philosophy would be deemed, if we meant what we said, and said what we mean...

No wonder why the world has trust issues, lust issues, you said you were through with her, what the fuck did we just discuss? Issues.

We all pose for likes but aren't poised for love.

We don't know how to show our emotions without emojis, thousands of friends, followers, and photos but yet we are all so… lonely.

"I've changed" "Its not even like that!" "That was the old me"

With your phone in your hand how will you ever hold me? Or show me, that you care without a double tap, please look me in the eyes just to see how we react.

Surrounded by old friends, strangers, and distance, but from a distance old friends and strangers don't look any different.

No one wants to fall in love anymore if they can step around it, if love was a physical being, a person with a body, mind and soul, whose ultimate goal was to find companionship, so quickly she would have to abandon ship and she would either swim or drown, Lord knows no one else would be around, because no one searches for their one and only, in this world, in this time, if Love was a person then Love would be lonely. 

You'll never be able to picture yourself with someone else if you are always taking pictures of yourself, selfies/selfish, far too many have conformed its time to be rebellious.

Take back love and give back life,

There is still time, to make things right,

Romance is not dead but its barely breathing,

Give everything you have to love, for her or him, or him or her you will be dreaming, pleasing, teasing, grieving, bleeding, or breeding no matter as long as every evening you find yourself believing more and more in love.

Don't be afraid to feel, don't be afraid to be real, don't be afraid of the chase, don't be afraid to compliment every freckle dimple or eyelash that is perfectly placed on that perfect and pretty face...

Don't be afraid to run out of time, don't be afraid to call her " All Mine", love hurts and hearts break but without love hearts ache and make no mistake it is far better to love and be broken than to life your whole life lacking emotion.

To die with love in your heart is proof that you lived.

Love is the gift that we all have to give, all it takes is a blush or a touch, something that don't seem like much, can change your whole life, and it could happen tonight...

Nobody writes love letters anymore,

Whatever happened to holding hands and opening her door...

I guess its never too late though, to start living life like a very first date.


-Ryan Anthony Dube