Wander with Elephants


Wander with Elephants


To stay relevant

Or wander with elephants,

Difficult to decide harder to describe with elegance,

Hiding from the lights in the night that guide us

Fighting my shadow to keep quiet

So that they may never find us,

Sleeves short so the scars from our battles remind us,

To breathe deep and smile with ease,

Never forget the thank you’s after the please.

I hope not to lose it,

Hope that is,

Love the words that are spoken

But hate the man that spoke it,

Laughter all around me

But I can never find where the joke is.

Obsessed with possessions,

Possessed by Obsessions,

Expelled by the teachers and reverends

So I could carry the message

I’m learning the lessons.

I wish this train put me to sleep,

Living with less than a lease,

Found my home in the streets,

Finally ended the war with my peace.

So, the only question is do I stay relevant,

Or go and wander with elephants.

-Ryan Anthony Dube